Is the word 'pals' properly used in the questions?

Hi teachers,
The context is part of a longer fictional narrative for beginners:
‘We questioned all his friends early this morning,’ Adam said. ‘They said nothing.’ He looked at Felix. ‘Can we bring some of them in here? With their wives. Then we can ask more … difficult questions. Somebody usually talks then.’

I believe the questions and answers are appropriate according to the paragraph.
Can I substitute the word ‘pals’ for ‘friends’ in the following questions?
How many of Alex’s [color=blue]pals were interrogated by the police?
All of them.
How much information did the police get by interrogating Alex’s [color=blue]pals?
None. No information at all.
Why did Adam want to bring a few of Alex’s [color=blue]pals with their wives in?
Because they could ask more difficult questions.

Thanks in advance.

I wouldn’t.

Hi Beeesneees,
Thanks! Then I will use ‘friends’.


Do you realise the inference in the above paragraph? Do you understand what is meant by ‘more … difficult questions’ and why the inclusion of the wives might make a difference?

I think the police can torture them, his friends or their wife’s friends. Right?


I believe so.