Is the sentece below correct?

The obvious tip about the price elasticity is the being high of absolute quantity of this elasticity about goods group of food.

It sounds strange, and I don’t really understand what you are trying to say.

This text is related to economics.

Right, I understand that much, but the words in the sentence are combined in a peculiar way that is not natural in the English language. The closest I can get to a meaning is: “An obvious feature of price elasticity is that it is high for [the goods group of food].” However, I do not understand what “goods group of food” means, and it does not sound like correct English to me.

Thank you, I found that what are incorrect in my sentence. I think I should say " the food goods group" instead of " the good groups of food". These ( transportation and house group) are some kinds of goods group. for example; the costs of the food group is more than the costs of the transportation group.

“food goods group” does not sound natural to me. The whole idea of “goods group” does not sound natural to me. Is it possible that you are just talking about market sectors? You could say that price elasticity is high in the food sector (or food industry), for example. Similarly, you could talk about the housing sector or transport sector.

You’re right Dozy, I think I must have read much more economic texts so that I could translate the Farsi text into the English more natural. Anyway, thank you very much Dozy.