Is playing a game only fun if you win?

Topic: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Playing a game is fun only when you win. Use specific reasons and example to support your answer.


Games are very popular today that it attracts people from all ages gather togerther and play such as football, volleyball or computer games. Some people think that they only feel fun when they win. However, in think it is not necessary for the winner to be fun as well as the looser to feel bad. I will present my explainations in the following paragraphs.

First of all, many people say that they feel “fun” when they win, this point is very doubtful and I think that they are not “fun” but have a sense of victory instead. When you defeat someone, you will have a feeling that you have passed them and that makes you feel more confident and satisfied but not “fun”, especially when the match is just between you and one more person. For example, if a football team win another in a match, their players will celebrate with teammates and they will say “I have had a lot of fun playing along side you”; howerver, if you win someone in a chess match singlely, who will be the one that you will celebrate with? If you feel satisfied in that case, it is only because of your sense of victory.

Secondly, the loosers sometimes can feel good , especially in games that they do not bet something on. In my country, there is a tradition that friends always gather together in Lunar New Year to play card and no matter the result, they all have fun together because they do not play for money or try to defeat others to be praised; it is just only a game and a chance for them to sit together and chat with their friends in the first days of the year.

Finally, what will people who claim that winning is the only way to have fun when play game say about their feelings toward the loosers? If you play a game, your opponents is more likely to be your friends and if you see them loose, can you feel “fun”? I think not since feeling is something that easily to spread out and their disappointment will put negative effects on the winners, too.

If you think it is only fun when you win a game, I think you are making a mistake, in my opinion. The only way to be “fun” is not winning a game but how you play it and what have you learned from that game.

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