Is it wrong to end the sentence with ?!

What is 10 million dollars put under one’s pillow at night if one cannot wake up the next morning to enjoy all the things that the big fortune can bring?!

Is it wrong to end the sentence with ?! (two punctuation marks)

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It should never be used in formal writing. Even in casual writing I think it’s kind of cheesy. I admit that I do it sometimes, even though I know it’s cheesy.

This kind of thing proliferated online. It’s similar to emotes. There are a lot of discussions in the online world. It’s written, but unlike most other writing throughout the ages, it substitutes for vocal conversations. Intonation, facial expressions and body language are missing. We try to compensate by using punctuation, emotes, pictures, memes, etc. We’re still working it out.

Language has been around for thousands of years. We are still learning how to adapt to online language. It will be a long time before grammarians catch up. My personal opinion is that it’s cheesy.


I think it has a place, but it’s pretty limited. As NN said you’re representing an excited question. I think it’s overused by people trying to generate emphasis when it’s not really there.

I think this is just a straight question. It doesn’t have the immediacy or excitement that would deserve a “!?”.

BTW, I prefer “!?” over “?!” . They seem to fit together better.

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