Is it possible for a notary to notarize without being present?

just curious that it’s possible and safe.?


NO !!!

I used to be a state licensed notary public. The answer is no!!! That’s the legal answer.

A notary public is a witness. They can not notarize a signature without being present to the signing. They must witness the signing and be confident that the person signing is who they say they are.

Is it done without being present? Yes. I’ve done it myself. is it legal? No. But to make it clear, I would never EVER notarize something without being confident it was legit.

You want to know if it’s safe? Safe and legal are not necessarily the same thing. Can I ask the circumstances?


Yeah, I guess you are right, I should play safe, there someone who works in notary services in Los angles telling me about this new process, I can not notarize my documents since I am not present at the location, so he told me that virtual notarization is possible too, btw thanks for the guide.


I was a notary public years ago. I can see a legit use of witnessing virtually, especially after adjustments for COVID 19. I did not study this so I don’t know if or how this is done. It’s also late at night and I didn’t read the link.

I can see the possibility of witnessing the signature via cam. I can not see a signature that was not witnessed in any way ( virtual or otherwise ) being legit.

Is this a pink slip?


Apparently Remote Online Notarization is legal in 26 U.S states for at least some types of documents.


I looked into this a little. My state has RON. Joshfreeman is in California. It does not have RON (unless it’s happened very recently).

California has E-Notarization, which is different than remote online notarization. E-Notarization is for electronic files and digital signatures. The notary must still be physically present during the signing. The notary seals the document electronically and uses some type of tamper resistant technology to secure it so it can’t be changed.

RON requires special secure software for an online “face-to-face” cam meeting. This is for the actual signing. It apparently uses some type of biometrics for positive identification.

The notary has additional training for this. Apparently there are not many notaries public who have this training. In my state there were some people who were automatically a notary public. I remember that military officers are. I think clergy are also. I’m sure these people would not automatically be E-notaries or RON notaries since it takes special training.

There are some other things new about this. For one thing, when I was a notary, I could only notarize in my state. The document could be from another state, but the signing had to take place in my state. Now, at least some states allow RON when the notary is in another state.