Is it only worth watching movies that can teach us something about real life?

Even with the colorful websites full filled our ordinary lives, movie, a kind a public media invented about 100 years ago, never shows any signal to be extinct, instead, it become increasingly necessary to our lives. Thus, choosing a worthy movie to watch has turned out to a question at present, and is only a movie worthy, which tells us story about real life? In my opinion, the answer is “No” and my reasons are as follows.

First of all, we should make clear the criteria for judging whether a movie is deserved to be watched. And as far as I am concerned, the criteria should be a fluctuant one depending on the purpose for such a behaviour. That is to say, different purposes have different criteria to judge a movie and even the same movie may be differently treated in various cases. For example, one is in a good mood and a funny or fiction movie would be a right choice for he or she, such as Mr. Bean, however, when a girl just splits up with her boyfriend, the former one is not supposed to be the right choice, may be some sad film or love story work. So, before we set a criteria for the judging, we cannot reach such a conclusion that the film about the real life is better than all the others.

Second, despite the factor mentioned below, the films, which have nothing to do with real life, have their own advantages. Such films are always about the future or something may never happen in our real world, however, they can make our everyday life dramatically different. With those films, our lives become more colorful and relaxing than ever before. A recent famous Hollywood masterpiece, Avatar is an good example. It is of course irrelevant to the real life, however, it is appreciated by audience all over the world and make new record in the history of film. The beautiful scenery and the wonderful imagination in the movie really shot us and bring us excitement and relaxation. Who can declare that such film is not worth to see? I don’t think anyone would say so. Furthermore, such films about fiction or others, create a space for us to escape from the competitively real world in to a virtual space for a while, within such duration, we not only relax our body but more important, relax our spirit which is always in a nervous condition.

However, the films about real life have their own benefits, which can never be taken place by the fictions. They tell us the real life, the real world and the real person, always touching the bottom of our hearts. Every time when I see a film called Guasha, my tears can’t help pushing out, as it reminds me of my dear grandpa, who passed by 4 years ago and the happy time I spent with that old man. So that’s the power of the film about real life.

In summary, even though the film about real life is of great important, we cannot get to conclusion that they are the only worth to see, as film is just a kind of public media and it is the person’s own purpose and criteria that determine the value of such movie. Fictions are also valuable to appreciate.

PS:I will take the test on Oct 31st, and I really don’t kown how can I improve my writing skill, and would the teacher tell me how to do better?

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Eagle, I dread to think I would have to edit three essays of this standard. Where have you been wasting your time all these months? Now you come here with one month to go before your exam and expect to be transformed into a legible essay writer!

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I have already cut the other two passages and thanks for your advice. I really don’t know how to express my idea in the essay, and that’s the problem.