Is it ok to call a gun withering?

I’m 99% sure he’s talking about a volley gun, but why is this expression ok?

to wither:
to affect harmfully:
“Reputations were withered by the scandal.”

Can we say that a '‘a withering scandal marred many reputations"? Just googled it and found “Why is Donald Trump launching a withering attack on nonprofits?”. I’ve never seen it this way before, is it too formal? I though withering is only for flowers and when something is withering it collapses like “Germany’s withering stability is just a local issue” or “Withering Humanities Jobs” or "Scouting Report: Colts’ Defense Withering Away"

For me ‘withering’ is often used to describe the way someone looks at you to suggest they want to show complete contempt for you. A synonym could be ‘scornful’.


I’d say - here:

withering - devastating
volley - (a) shower of bullets (i.e. a lot of bullets fired at the same time)