is it necessary to use 'of' after gerund?


Please could you tell me which option is correct:

A. Uploading video materials to the website
B. Uploading of video materials to the website

Is there any grammar rule?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Permalink,

It is Ok to use ‘of’ after gerund. Gerund can be one word (exercising), or it can be part of a longer phrase with and adverb (budgeting carefully), a noun (budgeting your money), or a prepositional phrase (moving to Ohio). It is ok to use both options.

By the way, the sentences you make sound a little bit doubt to me. Video materials play a role of noun, and upload is a verb, right? There is no need to put a preposition after uploading, because it is not usual way to say like that. People often said “I upload something” but not “I upload of something”.

Kim Sa

Both are acceptable. What is the greater context?

The context is a point of the agreement:
‘confirmation of the fact of uploading of video materials to the website’
But my first variant was:
‘confirmation of the fact of uploading video materials to the website.’ Then it was corrected and I’m confused why it was not appropriate to use ‘gerung + noun’. I see many examples when ‘of’ is omitted. E.g. ‘Just having an animal around you can lower your heart rate.’

Do you mean the context would be something like this?

Uploading of video is completed.
Uploading of video to the website is in process/under way.
Upload (of) video content is confirmed.

In those cases, you can use either. Where ‘of’ is not used, it is assumed.
However, I wouldn’t use ‘of the fact’ at all - it sounds long winded and makes the sentence poorer, grammatically.

Confirmation that uploading video materials to the website is taking place.
Confirming upload of video materials. <- would probably be enough from what I can tell, given your explanation.

I don’t understand where you think the ‘of’ would be placed if it were included in your latest example.