is it good to develop only one reason in the independent speaking questions?

my problem is i cant develop two reasons in independent speaking questions however i just develop only one reason in 45 second .
is it good or i should i practice for 2 reason ?


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In my opinion, if you support your reason with specific details and examples, it is OK to have just one

Hello Aameera and welcome.

What I know is, it is ok to have just one, but it is better to have two. if you give two reasons with details and/or examples about each reason, you will probably guarantee a high score in these tasks.
remember that question 1 and 2 are kind of easy with respect to question 4 and 6, so you don’t want to waste marks on the easy questions.
practice a lot to deliver two reasons in time. train yourself to find two reasons with points about each reason in the 15 sec. preparation time, don’t write full sentences just words to guide you during the speaking.

Good luck,

thanks Iky n Arseni