Is it correct: 'on next week'?


Is it correct to say: ‘She’ll be on next week’
Or ‘She’ll be next week’ is the only appropriate variant?

Thanks in advance!

Can you explain what it is she is ‘on’ in a little more detail, please?

Which is correct; Ask the teacher what is the lesson
or Ask the teacher what the lesson is

Thank you

Hello Merlack,

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I’ve heard this phrase from the telephone conversation. Probably, they asked: “When will she return?” And there was the answer: “She will be on next week” (She will return on next week). ‘On next week’ fell on my ears. I would answer: ‘She will return next week’. Is it correct?

I totally agree with you, Irene29.

“THE next week” is possible with reference to the following week compared to
a past or future event, but only “next week” is correct talking about the following week /
the next week at the present time (or IN the present time ???) :slight_smile:

e.g. In / On the first week of our holiday we went seeing the sights in the area.
THE NEXT WEEK we stayed on the beach day long and got some nice tan. (suntan)

e.g.2 What are you doing NEXT WEEK?

“IN/ON THE next week” & “IN/ON next week” are frequent MISTAKEs.
You must never use prepositions (IN/ ON / AT) before time adverbial stuctures
including THIS / NEXT / LAST … This is my regular explanations for my students.

Another point I keep correcting:
I saw her IN this morning. (INCORRECT!)
CORRECT: I saw her this morning.


‘She will return next week’ is generally the correct phrase.

the reason I asked about the context is that if someone were to ask, ‘when will she be appearing on the show again?’ or ‘When will she be on duty?’ (as examples), then ‘She will be on next week.’ would then be correct.

Another case where you can see the significance of the context / speech situation.

Yes, “She will be on next week” is a possible solution, assuming that the speaker means
“Her show will be on / will go next week”, or “She’ll be on duty next week” (scheduled actions/states/events)
answering a question like “So when can I see her?”

Mind that the structure of immediate constituents (words that belong closer together) here, using bracketing,
looks as follows: ((She will be on - OK) next week - OK).

However, ((She will be - OK) on next week - INCORRECT*) is INCORRECT under any circumstances.

Peace :slight_smile: