"Is it a true story" vs "Is it a real story"?


I have a question: my friend posted a story (written by herself) on Facebook, and I thought it was very good, so I asked her: “Is it a true story?”. What I mean is, is it a story from real life or is it a novel something. So, should I ask: “Is it a real story?” instead?

Many thanks.

Real=Not imaginary
It is a real story of Victor Hugo’s life.
True=Not false
I didn’t invent the story; everything I told you is true.
Hope this helps!

‘Is it a true story?’ is probably the best way you could have asked it, Abc. :slight_smile:

‘Is it a real life story’ would also be acceptable.

If you needed to clarify, you might ask, “is it based on fact or is it total fiction?”

So you mean “Is it a real story” shouldn’t be used?

A(n) real/true/actual/real-life/true-life story would be fine.


Is it a real story? doesn’t ask whether the contents of the story are factual or true but whether it is a proper story or written/told in the way stories should be written or told.


I’m still not completely clear about this. The idea I want to convey is whether the story is something from real life or is fictional.


In that case I would say ‘genuine’ story.