Is it a good idea to combine studies with work?

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In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Do you think this is a good idea? Support your opinion by using specific reasons and details.

The process of learning is changing rapidly. While students adopt to the curriculum, the learning options are adopted to them. Students get an opportunity to take part-time studies or to earn their degree online from different universities overseas, being able to get more free time for work. That is not surprising. With the increased demand of the skilled professionals, people who are in process of getting higher education start seeking job opportunities while studying. But, the reason why students start working before they graduate lies not only in the demands of the employers but students’ personal needs as well. Though some people might state that taking a job during studies might be distractive and affect student’s learning process in a negative way, I am more inclined to think that teenagers should get working experience in the first or second academic year.
First, , if the part time job the students do is somehow coherent with their field of study , students get valuable experience while combining their theoretical knowledge with practical ones. On one hand, they might struggle through learning and working at the same time, but on the other hand, they learn how to apply the obtained knowledge to work. The sooner they test their theoretical skills on practice, the better they can evaluate how much they already know and what details or subjects they should pay more attention to. For instance, if a student whose major is Management, takes part time job within a company as an Assistant sales manager and he/she faces problems in solving customer queries , that might be a good sign for him/her to pay more attention to such subject as psychology or problem solving aspect . Thus, students become more motivated to revise or find new materials on particular subjects and their learning habits might improve to a higher extent.

In addition , having jobs while studying enables students to learn how to manage their lives . Time management is a very important aspect for those who want to succeed in competitive world and seek successful career opportunities. Though it might seem impossible to find time for everything at first, in a while students learn how to use their time effectively and eliminate the unnecessary things that consume their precious time. For example, if a student has a clear plan for a day, he/she will have more chances to find time for a lot more important things than if they were just were spending their time in a useless way. On the whole, those students who have jobs can pay off their tuition and save some money for their personal needs such as clothing, food and leisure time. When they start working they change their view on the subject of money itself. They become more independent and respect themselves being able to earn living without their parents’ help.

To sum up, students should definitely try to find jobs while studying .Working process allows students to get a real life practice and hone in their skills. That is why, students should better obtain working experience as soon as possible considering the fact that the experienced professionals are in high demand nowadays.

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I am concerned about using "student’s learning process " in possessive case though. Can we use “student learning process” the same way as , for instance, “maximization of student_ talk”
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