Is H1N1 a hoax?


Now, we have heard a lot about it, but does it worth all this fuss? I have heard a lot of people saying that it does not. They really give convincing evidence. For example, I have heard one saying that more than 4000 people have died because of swine flu, but more than 3000 people die everyday because of Malaria, so why don’t we make the same fuss over that? I have heard another one saying why was the proposal put forward by India to produce Tamiflu with only $12 (If I am not wrong, it costs $100 in the US) refused? And he added the fact that Tamiflu is patented by Donald Rumsfeld… and accused the WHO for refusing the Indian proposal (and may be some others).

What is your take on this?

Yes. Don’t get inoculated, either.