Is going bald becoming suicidal?


[color=blue]I hope you have thick hair!. At least, thank the good Lord, I have! I just got to know through one of my old issues of the Reader’s Digest that going bald for some people is so depressing that they ultimately become suicidal. They stop enjoying life as if some vital part of their body had been amputated. They stop meeting friends, start ignoring family members, put an end to social gatherings and all. Until a few years ago doctors were as helpless before Alopecia as they are now before cancer or Aids.

What would you say about it?

Do you believe in the article???


Hi Tom

I believe it. Especially when I see what some men would rather look like:

I have never understood why some men would prefer to look like the guy in the picture above. I understand it must be hard to lose your hair, but the “combover” style is just horrible. :cry:

In my opinion, bald looks much better! Here’s a guy who knows how to handle hair loss the right way:


[size=167][color=red]Paper over the cracks, Amy[/size]

Thank goodness, we have hair transplantation now.By the way, when was it first introduced?


To be honest, I don?t have all my hairs still. Since my hair step by step became less I myself don?t have any problems with that. Not to say that I?m proud about baldness but that mightn?t be the whole truth, as baldness is known as surplus of male genes the macho in me is enjoying that circumstance. :wink: :lol:

Of course, discoverring the first signs of getting bald is rather shocking but, I think, people(men) who think about suicid when they discover their becomming bald are endangered a self-murder anyway. Don?t you think so?

I mean, I recently met a man who seems to be the alive counterpart to “Homer Simpson”. Seriously, his nickname or moniker is “Homer”. Do you think he better should kill himself or is it more a reason to fight for his life and to stand that challenge raises his personality?

Yes, I believe in that article. But like Amy mentioned even from a bald head you can make something. So no reason to surrender.


I have heard someone point out how absurd it is that some men try very desperately to hide or correct their baldness, even though one statistical study after another shows that in general women don’t care if men are bald. Individual women tell me the same thing.

My barber once had a guy with a ridiculous comb-over come into his shop for the first time. The barber asked him how he wanted his hair cut, and the man just said, “You’re the expert!” The barber cut off the comb-over and gave him a nice neat haircut. The customer was visibly angry when he paid and left. About two months later, the man came back: “Remember me? I didn’t like you for a couple of days when you cut off that comb-over, but then I found that my kids weren’t laughing at me anymore when we played football, because that hair wasn’t flying or hanging down. And people were complimenting me.”

A similar thing happened to a woman I knew. She decided to quit dying her prematurely gray hair and just let it grow naturally. Men liked it, and complimented her, and it was the women who criticized her.

I don’t know what their deal is with baldness in Los Angeles. Have you ever noticed that in group photos pop music groups from California there’s often one member who’s always sporting a jaunty chapeau? That guy’s bald. Absolutely, positively, that’s the bald guy in the group. I don’t know why they don’t let him take his hat off.

It’s even weirder that, while men get more upset about having no hair on their heads, so many of them feel embarrassed now about having a hairy back.

I very much agree with Amy and Jamie because what really what counts is what you have inside your head rather than on top of it.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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