Is feedback countable?

Hi, would you use ‘feedback’ as a countable noun? If so, is the phrase ‘a positive feedback’ acceptable or should it be ‘positive feedback’ instead?

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is feedback some kind of information?


Hi Torsten,
The OALD agrees with me that it’s uncountable.
I wouldn’t use ‘a positive feedback’.
Though 'some positive feedback, definitely sounds fine.
He gave me some positive feedback.

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Hi E2e4,

oxfordadvancedlearnersdictio … y/feedback

Hi Bev, I agree with you – ‘a positive feedback’ sounds wrong to me too. The noun feedback pretty much is in the same category like ‘information’.

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Hi Torsten,

I’ve no wish to muddy the water but on reflection, I think you could just about get away with ‘a positive feedback’. By using ‘a’ and also an adjective you could suggest that this was one favourable comment made as a response.


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