Is English grammar difficult or not?

Sometimes,I think English grammar is quiet easy.Because I can get good marks on it.
But sometimes,I feel it is very difficult.I can’t do much grammar exercise.
Can you tell me is English grammar difficult or not?Why I sometimes do it well or sometimes not?


it probably depends on the topic. Some people find topics easy that others find difficult and vice versa.
Some people think that French is a complicated language, some do not.
Everybody judges things - in this case the difficulty of studying English - differently.

Sunny :slight_smile:

first rule of grammar dont captialize the word because, as it is a joining word. Also you do not start sentences with becase.

grammar can or cannot be difficult depending on the persons ability to learn, some learn fast some learn slow. for me i learn fast and grasp things quickly others do not. It is also not saying you are stupid its just at some things it takes a little more for you to catch on.