is different, a far cry, far from


I wonder if the three options are OK in the sentence?

What you said to me…from what you said to my friend on the phone.

A- is different
B- a far cry
C- far

Thanks a lot

As both verbs are past tense (said) then you would need the past tense for these:

was different to what you said
was a far cry from what you said
was far from what you said

Why is it ‘different to’?

If my memory serves me well, the backshift\no backshift subject was once discussed here and a native called Dozy said people nowadays are reluctant to backshift:
If the statement is generally true (a) or still true at the moment of reporting (b).
Could it be the case?..

The tenses here are variable in this context and ‘is’ will do in all three. ‘Different from’ and ‘similar to’ are the conventional uses.