Is daily homework necessary for children?

Topic: Many teachers assign homework to student everyday. Do you think that daily homework is necessary for students? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

It is a controversial topic whether students should be given homework everyday or not. Some people believe that they should be let free to relax after stressful classes. However, by enhancing students’ comprehension, bringing about excellence and forming good learning habits, proper homework is widely considered as the key to students’ academic success.
To begin with, homework helps students reinforce the knowledge already learnt at school. For example, by practicing solving math problems, students can clearly understand the theorems which may be somewhat vague. Furthermore, through assignment, teachers can evaluate students’ comprehension in order to adapt their teaching methods in time. So to speak, homework is necessary to students’ comprehensive knowledge.
Secondly, with frequent practice comes excellence. Regular practicing enables even unintelligent ones to be expert by familiarizing with many types of exercises and drawing many experiences, thus bringing about self-confidence. Otherwise, without doing homework frequently, all students will be puzzled when given a little more difficult one. Therefore, students should do homework more often if they want to get satisfying results.
Last but not least, daily homework forms good leaning habits. Teachers’ guidance can help students learn properly so accomplish their goals in a short time. Moreover, by giving tasks, teachers motivate their students to learn without being distracted by numerous kinds of entertainment around them. This enhances students’ responsibility, which is crucial for them when they get older.
All in a word, homework should be given regularly to students. That said, teacher should pay attention to giving a proper amount and various kinds of exercise to make students interested and learn with self-motivation instead of doing it under pressure. Only enthusiastic students can get the wanted outcome.

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