Is cashiering the translation of 'kassieren'?



What do we call the actual process that happens at a checkout/till? Is it ‘cashiering’? Is cashiering the translation of the German verb kassieren?


“Cashering” is not the word that should be used.
Cambridge dictionary explains

cashier (DISMISS)
verb [T]
to officially dismiss a person from a military organization, especially making them lose their honour at the same time

So I feel that this word ‘cashering’ should not be used for actions at ‘checkout or at till’
‘Checkout’ means paying money at a shop for purchases made and receiving goods(extensions are possible as cheking in or out at an airport) and the cash-box and actions connected to it may have connections to ‘till,’ since ‘till’ refers to the register or cash-box.
"Checkout’ or ‘check-out’ is a noun as well as a verb.


By the way the noun’cashier’ is different from the verb’cashier’.


Hi Torsten,

You’re probably looking for an equivalent to the German verb/noun “kassieren”. Tricky one in English, cause you check out customers. Or you take their money, but that’s not really a professional activity. Suppose you’re fine unless you turn them away :slight_smile:


Though you may not find it the word ‘cashier’ defined this way in dictionaries, it is indeed used as a verb in business.

In my neck of the woods, there would be nothing odd about saying something such as ‘Janet is cashiering at the moment. John will be taking over at the register at 5 o’clock’.

Perhaps you could look at it as a form of business jargon.


I agree to your views. Langugage gets new uses for words, new meanings and new words too, through the usage by the common speaker. If it is possible to make the common man understand ‘cashiering’ in the sense that one is attending to work at the ‘till’, there is nothing wrong. n.


The interesting thing about the word ‘cashiering’ is that it soon might lose its popularity now that Amazon is planning to have 3000 Amazon Go stores up and running by the end of 2021.


Yes, it will go the way of “gas station attendant”.


And ‘bank teller’, ‘typist’, ‘welder’ and other professions which have been replaced by new ones such as ‘SEO specialist’ and ‘data analyst’. By the way, did you know that almost all human stock brokers at the New York Stock Exchange have been replaced by computer within the past couple of years?