Invite for Lunch


When my friend invited me for lunch, I replied

Can you please confirm whether the above sentence is correct?


No need for capital ‘L’ in ‘lunch’, ‘not be able’. I would suggest on a different shift.

We continue to use ‘invite to’. Isn’t ‘to’ the formal preposition?

Hi Alan,
Thanks for the correction.

As per your suggestion , I have prepared the sentence.Could you please confirm the above sentence is correct and would like to know why on a different shift and why not in different shift?

Hi Anglophile,

I did not get the sentence.Could you please rephrase it ?


It is.

By ‘We continue…’ Anglophile probably means ‘In India, I use this form’.
Both ‘invite to’ and ‘invite for’ are equally possible.

Thank you

I was not talking about the possibility, but the ‘formality’. What do you think, Alan, when I say ‘to’ is preferable in formal contexts like, say, a wedding/farewell invitation or an official invitation?

That is the usage like: he is on leave, she is on fast, you are on shift duties etc. Then, ‘a’ is necessary because ‘shift’ (here) is a count noun.

It’s not more formal. It’s a different situation.
Also note that the original context in this thread does not indicate an invitation has been made.

Hi Lawrence,

Before this item develops into yet another ‘[color=violet]Beeeathon’, I have to say I agree with your distinction between ‘for’ and ‘to’ when talking about an invitation. And for the record an invitation is indicated in the original question -

That was why I took it up. But even the poster could not realise it. Anyhow, thank you for your concord; of course, I thank for the discord as well, as it has led to the confirmation of my distinction. Yes, there may not be any ‘marathon’ now, I hope.

Just more sniping and name calling, I see.
At least when I apply a label to you, it’s correct.

Oh dear! Can you never, ever laugh at yourself?

What sniping and name calling? And what label and to whom? You also failed to discern why I wanted to clarify it. You, after all, are a person who wants to have the final word/say in all that we discuss. Don’t you think it is as though you to want to see ‘Beeesneees’ appearing against each post as the last?

Once again you have me totally wrong.
I often don’t have the last word. I choose not to. Perhaps you ought to research that, You may be surprised.

Regarding the sniping and name calling and labelling, how else would you describe Alan’s coined phrase? Again, totally unfounded though neither of you will take the blinkers off to see that.
Please don’t try to tell me what I do and do not understand when it is obvious that you do not understand me at all.

As for laughing at myself, I do it frequently, but not when I’m being bullied … and before you protest, persistent name-calling falls categorically into that definition.

You ‘being bullied’? Don’t make ME laugh. What on earth has that got to do with laughing at yourself?

You should introspect why others or I have you totally wrong. Words you use are the mirror of your character though you remain disguised.

I’m sure I’ll remain reaffirmed if I research it.

Why don’t you take things easy, and in a lighter vein? Have you ever expressed anything in a jocular manner? It appears to be alien to you. Breathe out and relax!

This reflects your reluctance to be criticised or questioned. Accept defeat with dignity. Realise that trying to justify without ordinary reason will irritate others as much as, or even more than, it does you.

You should appreciate and be proud of your name being used to coin a harmless word. Read the pages and see for yourself who is really prolonging the issue for no worthwhile purposes for an unduly long time. The less said, the better it is. You may have observed that I have, of late, adopted a sort of surrender by saying BYE and not appearing on that scene again. It is an open forum. Why wash dirty linen in public? Let’s not blow trivial things out of proportion. “Retreats/surrenders also have their victories no less renowned than advances/attacks”.

Thank YOU for your patience, my dear Bev.

I wasn’t going to prolong this thread. It should be obvious that just because I won’t actually allow myself to be bullied doesn’t mean that bullying behaviour isn’t taking place. However, you appear to want answers as you are making individual points.

Not everyone has me totally wrong. Just some people who with chips on their shoulders. People who matter to me, understand me.

I’m equally sure you won’t.

Once again, a total lack of understanding.

Once again, a total lack of understanding. You base your statement on the premise that I feel I am in some way ‘defeated’. It’s usually the case that you become upset when I correct you.

It’s not harmless, any more than the names that have been thrown in my direction in the past have been harmless. Alan would like them to appear that way, I’m sure. It is classic bullyiong behaviour to throw out a comment and then say ‘oh, it was only a joke.’

I’d also expect you not to become upset when I (or even others) correct you. I am not inclined to prolong this thread either. Have a nice time. BYE!