Intoduce about my company, pls help me check it

Hi everyone,
I must write a short letter to introduce about my company, but I’m not self-confident my ability. Can anyone help me check it?
Thanks a lot!

Welcome to my company’s website:

I’d make some slight changes to your opening paragraph:

For over 10 years of construction and development, PhuongNam has provided and installed thousands of modern medical equipment systems, especially diagnostic imaging, such as Ultrasound Diagnosis Systems, X-ray Systems, Bone Mineral Density Assessment Systems, Patient Monitors, Electrosurgical Generators and Ambulance Cars.

Thanks to Mr. Beeesneees for your reply.
The present participle is more compatible in this situation.
What do you think 2 words, “co-worker” and “companion”? The sentence, “PhuongNam - A trusted co-worker of Doctor” is a slogan sentence. Do you like it?

I would say: xxx is the exclusive distributor for many well-known enterprises, including…
For the slogan: I would rephrase it into xxx: A trusted helper to doctors.
Let’s see what teachers would suggest.

I agree with Cori’s rephrasing of the beginning of the second paragraph.

Is ‘Doctor’ the name of a brand or company? If not, I don’t like it. It doesn’t make sense.
If you mean ‘doctors’ as in those who work in a surgery or hospital, then I would use ‘the medical profession’ instead.
‘a trusted companion to the medical profession’.

Thanks to Cori and Beeesneees. I’ll think again your advices about slogan.

Welcome to my company’s website: