internship places?

Hi, it seems that the term “internship places” is primarily used by ESL speakers and translators. What would be the English equivalent to this?


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If you look at internship search sites, such as, it appears that they call the places “locations”.

However, I don’t think we have just one term to describe what these foreigners are calling an “internship place”.

Native speakers in the US would be more likely to refer to an “internship site” or “internship company” (if it really is a company), “internship organization” or “internship institution”, depending on which noun fits the place best. I also get some reliable hits for “internship provider”, which would describe any company or organization that offers internships.

I also see various combinations of words that contain “internship host”, such as “host company”, “host organization”, “host institution”, etc.

The actual internship could also be called an “internship position”.

Everything depends on whether you’re talking about the internship itself, the physical location of the internship, or the provider of the internship.

Hi Jamie,

Thanks a lot for your explanation. I think “internship positions” is the best term to describe what many Germans have in mind when they talk about “internship places”.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I think the Germans must be thinking of the word “Stelle”, right? In that case, it would mean a position, and definitely not a place.

Well, in many cases the German expression is “Praktikumsplätze” which, as you say, are probably “internship positions” or maybe “work placement positions”. Googling ‘work placement positions’ produces primarily Canadian, Irish and British results, though.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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