Internet Regulation

Internet has dramatically changes the way we access information. Some people think that there is a lot of harmful content with very little regulation online, and argue that strict policies are needed to regulate the internet. Others oppose this view and think that the internet should not be regulated.

Nowadays, internet dramatically spread all over the world and the number of internet users is multiplying. The accessible information amount is also increasing, because anybody could make sites with any kinds of content. This growing is fast, consequently the internet policy is not up-to-date. The question is that the World Wide Web is should more controlled or not because of its adverse material.

Regulating the internet is beneficial especially for younger or beginner users who are exposed to the adverse, illegal and false content. For younger ones the most harmful pages are the adult sites and for the beginner computer users are the pages and emails with scam or false information. For instance, beginner internet users could not recognize the untrue web pages, text messages and statements. Therefore, they provide personal information like bank account data to unknowns who makes sites similar one to another firm’s web pages or messages.

From the other side, some user thinks that the internet should not be regulated. The internet is an anonymous place where every people find their interests and communities, and it is allow to share any kind of information. Users should learn to differentiate between illegal and useful contents and to protect themselves with anti-virus programs, firewalls and content filters. Every kind of this software can be found in freeware version so the price is not the problem.

All things considered, there are some kinds of sites and actions that risky for the users. Consequently, few part of the web is should regulated, but have to keep the freedom of the internet. The Internet needs new and refreshed rules for safer surfing and for efficient controlling.

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