Internet addictive?

Can using the internet be addictive?

  • Definitely
  • Maybe
  • Only when you have a weak character

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Definitely :?

The reason why I choosed “maybe” is, that chatting can make addictive. That’s definitly so. But it belongs to the person.

I heard about people who chat at work, come home and switch on the computer to chat again. That’s the wrong way for using the internet, but it’s only one part of using the internet.

The internet is the biggest source for what ever you want to know. There is only one risc. You must be careful in what you believing and what not. Not all in the internet is true or right. I thinkg using the internet is one of the most exciting and most interesting things to get information, to broaden your horizon, but don’t forget the real live, please. Internet isn’t live, but it can choose your live.

I met a lot of people in the internet at the last two or three years. Interesting people, boring people, good and bad people. That’s a part of live. The people in the internet are the same as in real live. One advantage for me is, to meet people without going out or talk to them over high distances. For me it’s one way to save time. But, how I said, be careful.

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I think anything can be addictive if a person can not keep a certain balance and consumes something too extensively. You can consume information just like anything else and especially when you can ‘talk to other people’ you might get used to this type of communication very easily. The internet gives you the opportunity to talk to people without having to reveal too much about yourself and you are not obliged to keep up a conversation. You can keep your privacy while being able to get in contact with anyone anywhere in the world. That’s why so many people use this medium to chat and find someone to talk to. You probably could find someone to talk to in a ‘real’ place too…

internet is definitely addictive, i can tell you…but for me, it is addictive from a good point of view…it is not only that u find everything u need and broaden your horison, it is not only that you meet people, you learn all the time…it only depends on the person and for what purposes u use the internet…honestly, i cannot imagine life 50 years ago, i cannot imagine spending an hour in the library only to understand sth abt a country for example…I don’t have to spend half an hour watching the news, because i can read everything i am interested in in exactly 10 minutes :slight_smile: today’s world is only abt information and COMMUNICATION and we r lucky to live in this century…abt the chatting- me myself i chat a lot, but i find this useful as well…still u have to know when to stop it :slight_smile:
so, my friends, enjoy ur time on the net and make it well worth spending :slight_smile: 8)

Definitely, yes.
But, as I think, it’s not the worst sort of addiction I ever had and/or could have. My internet life is really important for me.

Generally, as I think, it’s not a point of Internet, it’s a point of us ourselves.
Internet just gives us additional opportunities (, satisfaction, emotions…), compensates shortages, fills up vacuum, etc. - in fact, all we strongly need but can hardly (or nowise) get in reality.

While we can ‘keep balance’ (real-virtual), it’s all right.
But if/when ‘virtual reality’ becomes much much more important it is called escapism


My opinion is the same.Yes,internet can be addictive,not going far I belong to this group either but unlike other addictions internet has much positive in itself.Internet is a great invention of mankind.It’s the best source of information.Via internet we can liberalize,can learn what’s going on all over the world.I’m sure all of you agree that nowadays life without Internet is stale :smiley: