Interesting question: Wollen wir laufen oder zu Fuß gehen :-)



For those of you who are learning German, this is a funny question: Wollen wir laufen oder zu Fuß gehen? And an environmentally friendly question too :sunny: .


Hello, Sir Torsten.

According to the following:-

1- rennen= fast running (schnell)
laufen= slow running, or fast walking
gehen= walking
spazieren gehen = going for a walk,
zu Fuß gehen= going on foot

As Subway to Sally’s song puts it:

Besser du gehst Besser du läufst Besser du rennst So schnell du kannst Und so weit Wie dich dein Atem tragen kann

2- #### Usage notes

Unlike English to go , German gehen does not mean “to travel somewhere” in general. A distinction must be made between gehen (walk), fahren (go by bike, car, train, or ship), and fliegen (go by plane). If used with a place one cannot or would not commonly walk to, gehen often implies that one intends to stay there permanently, e.g.: Ich gehe nach New York. – I’ m going to live in New York.

I think "Wir zu Fuß gehen wollen ( environmentally friendly)"ECONOMIC & ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS OF WALKING AND WALKABLE COMMUNITIES - Iowa Healthiest State Initiative.
Please sir, what is the correct answer?

Best regards
Mona’s cousin (German learner)


Hi Mona, it’s interesting to hear that your cousin is learning German. What level is she or he at? The funny thing about the question ‘wollen wir laufen oder zu Fuß gehen?’ is that in the right context it doesn’t contain a choice between two options since both – laufen as well as zu Fuß gehen mean the same thing: to walk.


Thank you very much for your reply, Sir Torsten. Actually I do not understand German so she answered the question instead of me. I think her level is a beginner. I’ will tell her about your reply. I’m sure she will be very happy. Please sir, could you allow her to share in this very attractive forum?
Many thanks


Yes of course she can take part in forum – just show her how to use it and we look forward to meeting her. :+1::smiley: Wir freuen uns sie kennen zu lernen.


Thank you very much, sir, for your generous offer. My cousin Mona is very lucky.


Wollen wir laufen oder zu Fuß gehen?
Torsten, would mind translating this into English so that I can enjoy the fun.


Sure :slight_smile: A: How do you suggest we go to the cinema, do you want to walk or go on foot?


Oh! I see.
I guess the fun lies in the options being the same.