Integrated Essay


The lecture is mainly discussing that the shortened workweek may not benefit the whole company, obviously challenging what is stated in the reading material that the less working hour, the fewer extra costs.

Firstly, the professor demonstrates that the less working hour will force the company spend more money. For example, the company has to pay the money of training new workers; otherwise, the amount health benefit is the same for both four-day workers and five-day workers. What is more, having more employees means more office space and more computers; obviously, it will cut into profits.While the reading passage supports that by decreasing the working hour may increase the profits of whole company.

Also, the professor indicates that it is costly to hiring new workers to take over the work.He suggests that the company might ask the employees to make up the different by working overtime.In addition, the company might raise expectation of their employees, and they will ask workers to finish the five-day work in four days.Eventually, the current job will become more unpleasent.Neverthless, the reading section insists that finding new emplyees is a good way to reduces the unemployment rates.

Finally, the professor believes that four-day workweek offers employee more free time to invest their persoal life, while it aslo present some risks that could not end up reducing their quality of life. Furthermore short time work may decrease their job stabilities, and harm their chances for advance careeres.Besides, the company management system need a person who works for whole week.But the reading material persists that workers could spend more time with their families.

TOEFL listening lectures: A lecture from a life sciences class (2)