Integrated Essay Win-Win negotitation

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Integrated Essay : Win-win negotiation

According to reading, a win-win negotiation is kind of negotiation that both parties gain value and also lose something that is not kind of important for them. There should be a balance between profit and concession. Both parties should take other parties concerns and limitation into account. After a win-win negotiation ends, both sides should feel that they have achieved a big deal. Compared with traditional bargaining, which parties consider each other as advertiser, in win-win negotiation parties should think of each other as colleagues. They should cooperate with each other and achieve a result which is beneficial for both of them. According to lecturer a case study might be Tom’s negotiation with a prosperous game company. Tom got a great idea for building a computer game which he thought could be very successful. He could not afford programming such a game because he had to make a living for his family. Consequently, he made a proposal for a huge computer game company. However, the money that company offered him as the profit was very low. At first he gave up on the game but after a while he changed his mind and accepted that amount of money. However, he demanded 40 percent of the profit after the game would be sold in the market. Company’s administrators did not accept his proposal literally and offered 35 percent of profit to him. Ultimately, he agreed with their notion. After some time, the game sold a lot and with the profit he could quit his boring job and have a better life.

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Topic : Some people like to communicate by email and voice mail. Other people like to communicate by telephone or face to face.Which kind of communication do you prefer, and why?
I think both means for communication have their own advantages and disadvantages.

On one hand, through mail and voice-mail we can communicate with many people. These kind of means are very widespread and we can acquire people’s mail to communicate them very easily. In addition, through these facilities we can exchange our ideas and information with many people who are too far from us with a lower cost. Moreover, these tools for communication are bread of offline communication. Accordingly, we cannot disturb people while they are busy doing their affairs. For example, I do not like to answer any call when I am studying. I check my emails everyday and I devote a limited span of time to investigate them. In this way, I am more organized and I save my time.

On the other hand, sometimes we need to convey our ideas through talking to each other in a face to face way. For example, when we want to discuss a really important research problem, it is very crucial to speak in an online way, either in a face to face way or through telephone. In addition , it is needless to say that the cost of face to face communication is very low if we factor the expense that we should make to meet one another. Furthermore, through virtual settings, it is very difficult to convey our real meaning because we cannot see each other. There are lots of meanings in the way that we look at someone. In addition, sometimes we can just convey our meaning through gestures.

In regard to my personal preference, I use all the mentioned communication means because each one has its own application. For example, I like to have a face to face communication with my supervisor. Also, I prefer to be in touch with all of my old friends through mail very often. Furthermore I use telephone to speak with my girlfriend [IF THERE WERE ANY] because I need to hear her voice and talk to her continuously.