Integrated essay: salvage logging

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The reading passage and the professor both discuss the topic of removing salvage logging. However, the professor disagrees with the idea presented in the reading passage that states the practice of removing dead trees is beneficial to a damaged forest and to the economy. He thinks that removing salvage logging is not a good idea. As a result, the lecturer provides several reasons to refute the idea in the reading passage.

First of all, the professor states that cleaning up dead trees may make the environment not suitable for new trees. This point questions the aspect that removing remains of dead trees can make room for new trees shown in the reading passage. In the professor’s opinion, when dead trees decompose, they can enrich the soil to provide more nutrients to new plants. This idea is not consistent with the viewpoint in the reading.

In the second place, the professor goes further to make a point that some insects live in decaying woods without causing any damage. This perspective gives different explanations from the passage because the decaying wood may be a contributor to keep the environmental in a long term healthy. The prospect also casts doubts on the idea that dead trees do more than just space for harmful insects.

Last but not least, the professor is opposed to the writer’s standpoint by highlighting that economic benefits from removing salvage logging is quite small. While the article indicates salvage logging has economic benefits and it can provide additional jobs for local residents, the speaker points out those jobs are only temporary and often filled by outsider.

In conclusion, the evidences provided illustrates that the professor refuses the points made in reading materials. He believes that removing salvage logging may cause a long term environmental damage.

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