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The lecture is mainly discuss that there are many shortcomings to use Fuel-cell engine with hydrogen, obviously challenging what is state in the reading material that is Fuel-cell engine will replace internal-combustion engine because its advantages.

First,the professor demonstrates that the hydrogen needed for fuel-cell is not easily to obtain, because the technic demands, and getting hydrogen need artificial techic. In addition, the temperature is very low, and it is hard to get such low temperature.While the reading passage insist that hydrogen can be derive from abundant sources,and it is likely to available.

Also,the professor indicates that using hydrogen will not sovle the pollution problem. It may cost a lot of energy whe getting hydron. Energy is coming from burning carbon and other gases. Through burning these gases will cause pullution. However, the reading material says hydrogen-bases fuel will solve many pollution problem of the world.

Finally, the lecturer believes that using new fuel-cell engine will not help people save their money.
Because the mental used for fuel-cell engine is a rare and expesive one, and automobile will not move without this mental. What is more, scientists has not found the cheap one to replace this rare mental. Nevertheless, the reading material oppose that fuel-cell engine has economic effect, because it only use half the fuel energy that international-combustion power run in the same distance.

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Is there many grammar mistakes? or it is hard to understand sentences? should the sentences be simple?

I do not wish to be hyper-critical Nocturnalj. I have already given you my comments.