inside us/ the past/past

1.please check and correct the mistakes:
It’s just a small thing to praise and worship God always and everywhere. We should be at His beck and call. Let’s break the barriers inside us to do it every day !

what is correct in the above context:
inside us or iside of us?
or should it be:

within us or within of us?

  1. what is the difference between: the past and past, the last and last, the next and next?

thank you very much

  1. “inside us” and “inside of us” both work here. Generally speaking, “inside” and “inside of” are interchangeable in meaning when “inside” is a preposition. To me, “inside of” generally feels more colloquial, and I would prefer not to see it in formal writing.

“within us” would also work in this sentence. “within of” is always incorrect.

You should not use a space before an exclamation mark.

  1. Could you give an example showing the context in which you are asking this question?

Thank You very much Dozy for your help.
Could you give me some explanations without my examples concerning the question in point 2.?
I only just remember that: the last week= the week from now backwards, last week= the week from the last Sunday backwards or I made a mistake and it means conversely. Is it truth?
Thanks again!!! :):slight_smile:

Right, “the last week” usually means the previous seven days (give or take). “last week” usually means the last calendar week, which runs from weekend to weekend. For example, if on Wednesday you said “it happened last week”, you would be talking about the previous Monday to Friday, perhaps extending into some days of the weekend. The extent to which either weekend is included is not precisely defined.