Induction vs. introduction

Hello, when a new employee starts at a company there usually is an induction course. What is the difference between an introduction and an induction? Thanks. A

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Introduction is used to express the idea of first time meeting with people or things. You could talk of an introduction to a person or a foreign language, which is like an initial encounter.

Induction is a process of becoming familiar with a procedure or organisation. If you are a new employee in a firm, you experience a lot of introductions or meet new colleagues for the first time. The firm/company will put you on an induction course, which will tell you about how things work to make you know about/become familiar with the history/background/procedures of the organisation.

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Alan, your explanation is very good. Now I can distinguish between the words introducation and induction. Thank you! A

so, basically, after an introduction comes its induction; or, in other words, induction is deeper than introduction, right?