individual or team sports...

It is admitted that each has own benefits from different perspectives. Some people may hold opinion that playing individual sports are favorable, since there is more freedom and less debates, while others may disagree with those ones. As far I am concerned, playing team sports are more significant and worthwhile. I will strengthen my opinion with the following reasons and statements.
Firstly, no one in this life is omnipotent, and everyone has aims peculiar to them, like happiness, or success in a job. For me, cooperation is the key for all these goals. Victory strongly necessitates collaboration with others. I want to illustrate my point that team sports include cooperation and communication, therefore a person can enhance skills and qualities required to get along with people more efficiently and positively. Also, sports mustn’t be considered as a temporary pleasure, everyone must search something useful for their future lives, like making new friend. In short, above mentioned reason is my major viewpoint towards this issue.
Secondly, there are some other significant factors that contribute to my opinion. People tend to play sports for various reasons, the most common reasons are to build a body and just enjoy life. May be acquiring healthier body is not based on sport type, but I believe that joy is limited in individual sports to the result of game. On the other hand, there are so many activities in team, such as joking with friends or just conversation. In other words, one can gain delight from individual engage only by victory, however people can be more satisfied with teammate even they failed to reach the target.
Last but not least, I consider team sports more challenging and daring. In large-scale it is obvious that team sports such as football or basketball have more masses of audience and they are superior to the game of two opponents. In my opinion, it is proof of my statement, since it is applicable in daily life.
To sum up, I’m not opposed to people who prefer individual sports, since different people have different attitudes and passion. However, for me team games are more useful, beneficial and superb.
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