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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: similar job with you for your children.

When considering the statement whether our children should do the same job as I do, there are certain situations or factors needs to be taken into account. I disagree. Not necessary do our children take similar job with mine. Everyone has his or her own liberty of the choice of career. As far as I am concerned, factors, whether it be the family career, personal interest, specialty, or the plan of life and so on, are influential to our children’s decisions. For me, personal specialty and the plan of life are the determinants.

I do not regard the similarity of job is kind of an advantage for our next generation. As parents, assisting our next generation in looking for their interest is an essential issue. We do not want to see our children doing a job which is not their favorites or to know that they do the jobs painfully. My college school mate, Matt, was requested to take over his family career; however, he majored in literature and his family career is an international trading company. That was totally opposite to his dream, be a writer. Although his was not willing to operate the corporation, destroying his parents’ wish is very unfilial. Indeed, Matt made a big fortune, but being a writer seemed too far from him. How could our children be happy doing a similar job with parents, which is not his interest.

Moreover, we should not ask our children to a similar job which we wish him to do since helping our children to construct their plan of life is parents’ responsibility. Parents all hope that their children will be somebody in the future so sometimes they interfere with children’s plan instead of providing assistances. My colleague, Daisy, does not like her job now because her parents wanted she to do the job with which their parents familiar. According to Daisy, they forced her to attend several courses which are completely out of her plan of life. Her parents always said “ it is for your own good”. I do not believe it anyway. Poor Daisy, she can see nothing else but the darkness of the rest of her life. Therefore, similar job with parents’ seems not to be a good choice.

To sum up, all of the parents wish their children can succeed; however, they are supposed to consider their children’s voice. Were I to suggest a better way for parents to deal such issue, I would strongly recommend listen to their children and give them a hand properly. In this way, both parents and children will be happy.

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Hi, I think your essay is pretty good. You have a good overall structure and you have the right idea for your thesis and topic sentences, although your execution of them fell a little short. When you say something is similar, you really have to say what it is similar to or say that two things are similar for it to make sense. You did notr really have that many grammatical mistakes, but you were missing some words and choosing the wrong phrases, which made many of your sentences sound awkward or unclear. Overall, I would rate this essay a 3 out of 5.