Increased teacher's salary will improve the quality of education in a country

It is generally said that the quality of education will be improved if teacher’s salary is increased. Some might disagree with the statement because quality of education largely depends on student’s own ability or background. However, I strongly believe that making the salary of teacher higher will make a positive impact on quality of education when it comes to better quality of applicants for teaching jobs and higher job satisfaction of teachers, resulting in improving the quality of education.

First of all, more talented people will pursue to be a teacher. It doesn’t take a genius to know that higher salary is one of most important elements when one chooses a job. Sure enough, the more the payment to teacher is increased, the more people with strong competence and graduates of prestigious schools apply for the school. For instance, in Korea, graduates of elite universities are eager to enter the medical graduate schools because of earning more money. According to Gallup, 70% of the applicants for the medical graduate schools responded that they are going to be a teacher if the salary is increased more than now. It implicates that the school will be filled with high intelligent young people if the payment is raised.

On top of that, increased salary will cause the higher job satisfaction of teachers, the key to motivate to do teaching job more passionately. Everyone knows that people tend to take care of their job more arduously when rewarding is fully given. In this way, if teachers get raised salary, they will definitely be encouraged to be better teacher. Specifically, education experts demonstrated that teacher’s job satisfaction is highly correlated with the performance of students through extensive researches.

To sum up, higher salary of teacher will definitely improve the quality of education, because more people with high competency will be a teacher and because job satisfaction of teachers will be increased. Thus, no one can deny higher salary of teacher will make the education better.

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