in your chair vs. on your chair

Hi, is there a difference between ‘you are sitting in your chair’ and ‘you are sitting on your chair’?

Many thanks,

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I feel on your chair emphasizes sitting on the panel of the chair while in your chair suggests sitting in the open box formed by the panel, back, and arms of the chair.

After reading your post, I see that I have the same idea as you.

I think since a typical chair almost surrounds you, ‘in’ is more appropriate. We always say ‘sit in an armchair’.
‘On’ is used when we talk about sofas or couches.

Hi Torsten,

To me the usual construction would be ‘sit in a chair’. ‘On the chair’ could either indicate there is something on the chair as for example a book or it could mean that the chair is an upright one and you are therefore not sitting fully back as in an armchair.