in which case do we use abroad with the preposition `in`?

When do we use in abroad?

Are these sentences correct?

I love being abroad.

How long have you been (in) abroad? Is in unnecessary in this case?

It might seem an easy and beginner question, take that into account, I`ve learnt English since I was 9. But there always questions come up about the grammar :wink:

Thanks for your answer


“in abroad” is always incorrect.

“I love being abroad” is OK.

The word “abroad” is an adverb, so we can never use a preposition with it. It is a rule that preposistions are only used with nouns or noun phrases.
Also, “abroad” is an adjective and we can use it to modify a noun.

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Mai Nguyen

Hello, Take It Easy:

(1) If you will check a good dictionary, you will find that the word “abroad” ALREADY has a preposition:

“a” (an old preposition = on/in/to) + broad.

(2) In English, there are many words with the “a” preposition ALREADY inside the word:


and many, many more.