in the Office of Professional Responsibility

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The National Civilian Police (PNC) also has an internal police mechanism for investigating security force abuse and misconduct in the Office of Professional Responsibility (ORP). The functions of the ORP are to detect and investigate or provide support in the investigation of all serious instances of abuse, corruption and inappropriate or criminal conduct in which members of the PNC appear to be involved. ORP can initiate investigations—of its own accord, upon receiving complaints, or upon the request of an authority—into actions committed by police that may warrant criminal prosecution. The ORP has at times suffered from poor leadership and a lack of resources and political will. US State Department reports “revealed that PNC authorities often opt to transfer police rather than subject them to judicial processes

Does “has an internal police mechanism… in the Office of Professional Responsibility” imply that this Office of Professional Responsibility is part of the National Civilian Police?

And is “form of” omitted in the phrase “in the Office of Professional Responsibility”, i.e. should it be “in the form of the Office of…”?

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Yes, since it says “internal”.

I believe it means that. It may be clearer to include “the form of”, but it is not mandatory.

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