"in summer" or "in the summer": which one is correct?

Dear teachers,

“in summer” or "in the summer " which one is correct?

thank you

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Both can be used. There is little difference.

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i can use both right ?

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I would use “in the summer” in these sentences

  1. In the summer time, I usually go camping with friends.
  2. There are lots of flies in my house in the summer months.

And for “in summer” in these sentences

  1. She doesn’t wear jeans in summer.
  2. I wound the rubber tree stem a lot in the summer.

If there would be other senses we use these words, please I would want to know

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Hi, vampire1987116

Your question strikes me as interesting, though no one has yet given a substantial answer.

Dear teachers, could you, please, cite a few examples, so we can catch on to the difference between “in summer” and “in the summer”.

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i think "in the summer“ and "in summer " are same thing , no big difference

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I don’t think there is any difference in meaning between “in summer” and “in the summer”. If there is, it’s too small to be explained. You can use them interchangeably.

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Hi LS,

I missed your first post as I was away but I’d like to add a further comment. ‘In summer’ usually refers to a typical summer activity/occasion as in: In summer we enjoy the benefits a garden has to offer. ‘In the summer’ often refers to a particular summer and often after summer has finished as in: In the summer we decided to redecorate our house.


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That’s right, of course. However, “in the summer” can also be used for typical summer activities or occasions, just as “in summer” can.

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Alan is British, so there might be some difference between British and American usage. In American usage it’s safe to always use in the summer. I don’t know of any grammatical reason for saying in the summer. That’s just how people say it.

I’m not implying that there is anything wrong with saying, “In summer we enjoy the benefits a garden has to offer.” What I’m saying is that you can’t make a mistake if you always use in the summer.

When used as an adjective, you would not use the word ‘the’. For example summer weather, summer temperatures, spring morning, winter snow.

We only go swimming in the summer.
We only go swimming in summer weather.