In spring or in the spring


I have a question about using “in” with seasons. In the lesson 12 “Days, Months, etc” on English for beginners, you gave examples:

  • A lot of flowers bloom in spring.
  • In winter it often snows.
    My question is do we use “in” with seasons or we use “in the” with seasons. I am asking you this because yesterday I watched a video on English Video “Wonder How To” … ge-165410/ about “How to use in and on in the English language”. According to this video, we can use “in” with seasons. For example: “in the spring”/ “in the springtime”, “in the summer”/ “in the summertime”, “in the winter”/ “in the wintertime”. Autumn and Fall are little bit different. With autumn, we don’t usually use the article. But if we say “fall” we usually do use the article.
    I am confusing about using “in” with seasons. Should I say “in spring” or “in the spring”? Please explain it. Or can we use both ways “in spring” and “in the spring”. I am looking forward to hear your answer. Thank you.


Hello Hoa,

I found the video too prescriptive. The video’s author may not use ‘the’ with autumn, but many people do. The grammar is regular: ‘the’ is optional with all five season words–

in (the) spring/summer/fall/autumn/winter.

Hi Mister,

Thank you for your explanation.
Yes, you are right about the prescription can make the differences of grammar, like using “the” with season words. The grammar is regular: “the” is optinal with all five season words. I got the point.
Thank you very much for advance.

Have a nice day!