'in' or 'on' the forum?

Should it be in or on the forum?

I’ve seen it written both ways and am not quite sure you can use either preposition. In general, I would say ‘in’ a forum and, when it’s on the net like now, ‘in’ or 'on’, but my confidence is shaky now (and I’ve probably managed to confuse someone else by the same token!).

Thanks for ‘steadying’ it ( :slight_smile: ).

As for me, I would use in the forum… Anyway, it’s a good question.
Google gives 15 200 000 results for in opposing to 6 390 000 for on.

Hi Conchita,

I would say that on the forum suggests actively a member on it at the moment as in: currently there are 14 people on the forum. You could say this about the radio when someone is speaking on the radio at this moment they are said to be on the air.

In has more the idea of being inside. Continuing this theme the newsreader is in the studio and now speaking on the air.