in no memory

Below is a rather elegant translation of a fine song into English. I agree with most parts of it, still would question “in no memory” (literally it would be: ‘Woods in these lands are such that you couldn’t imagine’)—never heard of ‘in no memory’. Also I doubt whether “since now” (meant to connote ‘at present’) is fine in the context.
What do you think?

                  Know for sure there are climes  
                  May you go look around, try to find them.
                  There’s such a soil out there  
                  There’s such grass out there
                  Woods in these lands are like in no memory, chum, anywhere.
              And  since now I have got neither piece nor repose any longer,
                      As to how to get there,
                      As to how to fly there,

You know poets have some unwritten rights to use words, usually for syllabic/metric correction or adjustment. My opinion would, therefore, be:

“in no memory” > not in my memory (I don’t remember having seen)

“since now” > from now on; hereafter; in future