IN: I speak (in) English

Dear teachers,

I shoul write:

a.I speak English.
or: b. I speak in English.

What is the difference?

Tung Quoc

Hi Tung Quoc,

You asked:

When you say: I speak English, that means you have the ability to speak English.

Speak in English could be a command or request to somebody to use English when they speak and not another language.

You could also say write in English. Sometimes you are learning a language and you find that even when you are asleep, you dream in that language - you dream in English.

Now let’s put all that into a short dialogue:

A I don’t understand what you are saying. Can you please speak in English/say it in English.

B All right if that is what you want. I speak many languages and I can also speak English.

A Thank you very much. I only speak English and so I would like you to continue speaking to me in English.