In general, people are living longer now.

In general, people are living longer now. Discuss the causes of this phenomenon. Use specific reasons and examples to develop your essay.

The average life expectancy trough last years incessantly increase. In our time people are living much longer than before. For me this conclusion can be describe by the following reasons.
The first one is that the medicine has developed into high dimensions. It was found medicines for various diseases. In the past people have died even from flu, pneumonia and other illness which in now days are healing with only one pill from pharmacy. Long time ago there weren’t medicines even for this kind of insignificant diseases. There weren’t so many doctors and hospitals as now and the doctors did not dispose with current devices for treatment and diagnostic. When somebody was ill his relatives started to care about him with primitive remedy. Flues and pneumonias now can heal with antibiotics and the recovery is in a short time.
The second reason is that in our time personal sanitation has reached higher value. Today we consume products which have tested by experts. We are drinking fresh and clean water, while in the past this kind of sanitation was unthinkable - people drank water from any places where can find.
In my opinion the third reason is that before there were a lot of battles, wars, and the crime was behind every corner. Many children, women and men were dying for nothing. Today of course these things don’t miss but I think it is in a smaller values.
Because of these reasons and definitely the development of medicine, I think this phenomenon is completely regular. In near future the average life expectancy will be increase more. We will find ways for treatment of cancer and other deadly diseases. People will live strong and longer. But from other side this can be a problem because the world population will reach dangerous quantities. But there is enough time till then. We have to enjoy our life and we should be grateful to the best mind of medicine. Without them and their inventions we can’t live longer than before.

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The reasons that you mentioned to support your idea are acceptible. But you only talked about medicine. If we compare the lifestyle lived in the past from today we’ll find others reasons such as: wars, poverty, work, etc. The past times had been shaped by several wars betwen nations and people from different ethnicitis. The number of the wars in the past outnumber the wars today. This has made a huge influency on the quality of life nowadays. another aspect is poverty. The state of poverty in the world has reduced significantly. This is one of the reasons why the avarege of life is rising.

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