In five years vs in five year's time

Hi, is there any difference between “What will happen in five years?” and “What will happen in five year’s time?” Many thanks.

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I think it partly depends on the intent and context. They could mean the same thing, or there may be a slight difference.

“Five year’s time” can imply any five year period, not necessarily starting today.

“In five years” can imply five years from now (July 2026). Or it can imply any time during the next five years.

Either one could mean within five years or any five year period. I think “five years time” would NOT mean a specific date five years from now (July 2026).


To me, it looks like this: When you say ‘in five years’, you are less specific than when you say ‘in five years’ time’.
(By the way, shouldn’t it be five years’ time or five-year time?)