In about a month (May 7) I am going to take the SATs

Hi, I am an 8th grader and I am 14 years of age. In about a month (May 7) I am going to take the SATs.

Any tips on what I should do? Currently, I have Kaplan’s book, Collegeboard’s guide, Up Your Score, and SAT Math Prep (for 2001 version). What are your recommendations for verbal practices? For reading, should I just do all the excercises in the book? For sentence completion should I study words or actual roots?

For math, how should I raise my score? I want to get at least a 600, although on practice I’m getting a 550~ish. Should I guess or leave blank?

Oh, and also, what do YOU think would be a decent score for my age? Thanks in advance guys. Much appreciated.

Try out to increase your math score. I would recommend spending time in their quiz section. They cover all aspects of the Math SAT in a very formal way and track your results. As you progress, you will quiockly be able to determine where your areas of weakness are and then focus on those.
The tool is free for demo purposes and less than $30 for a subscription so you can’t go wrong.

Remember: there are no secrets or short cuts: the way you will boost your score is through hard work. Sounds old fashion but it is the truth that any successful SAT test-taker will admit to. Sure, some students will do much better while studyoing little but they are cheating themselves: if they studied that much harder they would get an even better score and maybe get a more lucrative scholarship offer, get in a better college.