improving roads and highways or public transportation?

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Governments should spend more money on improving roads and highways rather than public transportation.

Both good roads and highways and public transport have benefits. Good roads and highways make travelling smooth and easy. Public transport makes life easier for people who do not have a personal vehicle. The government needs to find a way to spend enough money on both improving roads and highways and improving public transportation. We cannot ignore one or the other, but this can be difficult because there is never enough money for everything. Personally, I prefer that the government should spend more money on improving roads and highways rather than public transportation because of some following reasons: safety, convenience for both public and private transport, and a variety of associated national benefits.

The first reason for my opinion is that better road and highway makes safety for everyone taking part traffic. Poorly maintained roads and highways are very dangerous for both vehicles and pedestrians, especially in night when reduced visibility, an accident is very easy to happen. For example, the road lead to my township is very old and seriously downgraded. It has a lot of pot-holes, and I was once fallen off motorbike due to them when I came home at night. Also, there are so many accidents occurred in the road because it is narrow, lack appropriate traffic lights, or have rough edges or poor line markings. If the government invested more money on improving this road, the result could have been different.

Beside the safe problem, a better roads and highways system will create so much convenience for both public and private transport, such as reducing travel time and easier transfer in areas without public transport. Good roads improve travel time. When roads broaden, more many vehicles can join together in traffic. That more convenient roads makes accident rate lessened is also a factor cutting down congestion. When it is easy to drive, the travel time will be indispensably decreased. In addition to travel time, we also need to consider to some places, especially rural and mountainous regions, where are without public transport. In the areas, the people have to must private transport. Because they also pay tax as any persons in other, it is not fair if the government biases to public transport. Improving roads is a good method made this issue easier.

In addition to above mentioned benefits for people, a propitious road and highway system will create many interests for government, especially in trade, tourism. Advantageous roads are important for transportation. This brings about a lot of other benefits, such as increasing employment, ameliorating lives quality of people who live in difficult regions. Moreover, good roads and highways enhance tourism. Who wants to drive in narrow and old roads to travel? Everyone desires to take a trip in quality roads, to go where they want to come without difficulty. A favorable road-network will surely draw a lot of more foreign travelers. They can move around and visit more places, bring valuable income to businesses and communities at or near to tourist spots.

In conclusion, in my point of view, the government should pay more attention and allocate more of budget to improve roads and highways because it improves to issues of safety and convenience, and the benefits associated with better transportation and tourism. It is profitable for people, also the government.

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