Improving my vocabulary.

I have a great problem of knowing the meanings of many words in English. I started reading and listening to a lot of English materials. Whenever I come across a new word I would open the dictionary. But the problem was I forgot the meaning of the new words later on. So I devised another method. I created a separate file and I started storing the new words into that file. Every week I assign myself to a set of words and see all the words in that assignment once in a day. After the end of the week I would evaluate myself on those words and underline those words that I find very difficult to remember. Now I have found another new method. I find that my mind likes pictures. So I started adding relevant pictures (which I downloaded from Google images) to those words. This is how I improve my vocabulary. What do you think of my method? I need your thoughts on my method of improving vocabulary.
Thank you for reading this.

I think it is an EXCELLENT idea! I will recommend it to my students.

I use it to learn nouns that can be visualized. I make flashcards by putting a picture that represents a word together with the definition of the word on the obverse side of a card and the word itself on the reverse side of the card (all done in MS Word). Then I print it out and it helps me a great deal.

Gee, no wonder you guys are so good!

(blushing a bit) Thanks! :wink:

Yes, I think it is a good method.

From what I’ve heard, though, one method can work quite well for one person, but not so well for another. I personally just grinded through a Barron’s 3500 wordlist, for example, because no other methods worked long-term for me.

Well, seems like using images works for you, though, so congratulation! :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking about using this method for a long time, but it seems that MS Word is not very optimized for doing this task. We have to manually type the word, the definition, the example, which appears to be quite time-consuming. I wonder if there is any software out there that specializes in creating customized wordlists?