Improving my English through CNN


for improving my english i switch on CNN and listen to the TV but understanding is very dificult for me !PLz advise me !wht should i do!


Keep watching CCN, it takes time to understand pronousation. I would suggest try some other TV shows which has simple language.


Thanx alot for helping me ,I try my best . :slight_smile:

Hey Marghuba do you have a MP3 or a CD player? Or even a tape recorder? If you have any of the above record some children songs and while listening to them you can sing along. This way you will catch the phonics of the language. Once you get started to understand what you are singing you can move up to English commercials they use easy language so everyone can understand them because they want you to buy their products and they want no one left out.
Well if nothing what I just mentioned works you still have a shot at American Idol. :smiley: just kidding:)

hey Marghuba hi how are you, i am happy to see you in this site, i am also Afghan same you but i am living in china, beijing, if you want we can study together i am also weak in english i want to improve my english too
i am new in this site too, just two days
this is my MSN and Yahoo

Faiz Ahmad Slaam and to you too Marghuba. I will like to learn Pashto or Afghani if you guys can help me with it I can help you with English what ever I know. So what do you say? Deal or no deal?:slight_smile: