Improve speaking skills

i join in some English class, however, to improve speaking skill, i think you have to speak to foreigner, but i haven’t do this yet.

Hi Van Glap,

Can you think of a way to get in touch with English speakers where you live?

Oh, thank you. That’s a good idea.

how can i be able to speak better in english

i need to improve my speaking skill

I am a Business Management student and right now I’m taking my on the job training (OJt) at JgSummit Petrochemical Corp. I’m having a hard time of composing sentences in front of high profile person that’s why I’m very eager to improve my english speaking. Could you please offer some tips to improve my speaking skills?

Hi Lendenver,

There is an entire forum section where you can improve your speaking skills. Here is just one of the threads: Speaking English for 20 seconds a day?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: A laboratory[YSaerTTEW443543]

My name’s Teguh, from Indonesia. I want to have many friends who are willing to chat with me (use Yahoo massenger)… I think that can improve our skill in speaking. So, please add me at thanks

hi ad me

English is very interesting but it’s not easy to speak it naturally.

I think you should say:I haven’t done this yet!! am I right??

please tell me how can i improve my speaking skills.

I really want to improve my english, but sometimes i found it is very difficult to naturally speak or talking to people. I have to think first before I started open my mouth. My grammar is not good as well. I tried sometimes to respond with my colleague and talk in english, unfortunately its will end up worst and i just don’t know how to describe thing i supposed to say.

For what it’s worth, I think most people who are new to English find it scary to talk to other people in English for their first couple of times.
I know I felt like I was making a fool of myself when I started to give it a try, but practicing at every opportunity goes a long way toward becoming conversationally fluent!

Something I see a lot in non-native speakers, in college for example, is that some people don’t give themselves enough time to come up with a reply. They tend to forget that you shouldn’t expect yourself to become a native in a matter of days!

in my opinion you should make english speaking friends and have skype conversations

It’s very difficult for me to practice my english especially speaking skill as my environment doesn’t support well. Once in a while , I feel ashamed to ask somebody else practice with me.So that why i"ll try to use this forum as an fruitful means to be able to speak freely.

Hello All!

I also have difficulty in speaking English. It’s really hard for me. I would like to find partners who can practice English speaking skill with me via skype.
Pls give me your reply!

you can add me as your friend in skype…You can search taufiknc and add as friend…see u soon

I think the best way to improve your English speaking is to isolate yourself in an English speaking environment where you can ONLY speak English. If you can’t speak anything else I guarantee you will learn English soon enough or you will probably starve :smiley:

Hello dear
i am Hamza I would like to improve my speaking skill . may I ask your help to learn me how can do that in simple and fast way.
my best wishes