Improve GMAT verbal score - Practise tests


I am apperaing for Gmat very soon and looking for free GMAT verbal practise tests and also I am looking to buy some practise tests. Can anyone please suggest some websites…

Many Thanks


If you are looking for some practice tests, I believe there are many excellent tests available on the net. Now one of them I suggest is this

they give you a pretty accurate score on your gmat and also give you a feedback suggesting your weak and strong areas of gmat. quite helpful i thought!

let me know if you like it…



I took the GMAT exam two weeks back and got in a good percentile for the quantiative section-87%- but not in a good one for the verbal section- 12%- because I was not able to read all of the questions in the verbal section and just made up almost 17 questions. Also, I didn’t study for verbal section on computer, I believe that makes a lot of difference! I know that I am not good at reading comprehension section as I easily lose my concentration while reading passages and did not memorize words…

I have to get a score between 600 and 650. Could you please give me some advice how I can improve my score on verbal section? I appreciate if you would provide some free online verbal practice tests.

Thanks in advance!
Look forward to having your advice!